Florida DUI Insurance – Non-Owner FR44 Insurance

If you do not have a vehicle but need the FR44 filing due to a DUI conviction you might need a non-owner FR44 insurance policy. Non-Owner FR44 insurance will satisfy the State of Florida’s insurance requirement for individuals that have been convicted of a DUI and do not own a vehicle. In most cases this type of insurance will provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage while you operate non-owned vehicles. This type of policy typically costs much less than a regular auto insurance policy because it provides less coverage.

Florida Non-Owner FR44 DUI Insurance FAQs

How is Non-Owner FR44 insurance different from regular FR44 insurance? Non-Owner insurance is meant for individuals that do not own a vehicle or have one registred. This type of policy will provide bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage while you operate non-owned vehicles. It is important to understand that this type of insurance has exclusions and provides less coverage than a regular auto insurance policy. You can read about some of the exclusions and coverage differences below.

Will this fulfil the Florida FR44 insurance requirement? Non-Owner FR44 insurance will fulfil the State of Florida’s insurance requirement for individuals that do not own a vehicle. It is important to note that if you are required to have the interlock device you would not be able to purchase this type of policy. When the interlock device is required you would need a vehicle to have it installed on and a regular FR44 insurance policy.

Can I make payments on my Florida Non-Owner FR44 DUI Insurance?  The State of Florida now requires all persons convicted of a DUI to have the FR44 filing. This filing certifies that you have the high coverage limits and the policy is paid in full. In most cases you can make monthly payments on your non-owner policy at renewal after the first six months.

Florida Non-Owner FR44 DUI Insurance Exclusions

Non-Owner insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for any vehicle you own, regularly operate, or have regular use of. Furthermore most non-owner insurance also excludes coverage for vehicles inside your household or owned by a relative. This type of policy does not include personal injury protection coverage to pay for medical expenses if you are injured in an accident. It is important that you read your policy carefully and discuss all coverage with you agent so you understand it.


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